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My goal is not to be redundant as there is good
information about wacky packs on many sites
so I focus on cool stuff for sale and provide
images of my vast collections with many items found nowhere else!

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Check it out, this price guide
has survived the test of time and remains accurate even today!
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Grading Guide

Pictures, examples, specifics on what
collectors might deem important
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Double Wacky Pack Project

I have begun a project to gather advertisements
from the 1960's and 1970's of wacky
products. Let's make this a team effort.
Please send me images of any you can find!
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Cool Images To View

Wacky Pack Museum
Wacky Pack Roughs
Cool Wacky-Like Stuff
Wacky Pack Terms
1966 Topps Frankenstein Sticker Art - Cool Saunders Original Paintings

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Cool Wacky Pack Sites

Site dedicated to Norm Saunders, great artist of wacky pack art
The Lost Wackys Website
Old School Sketch Catalogue

Email me with suggestions, trades, items you are selling, items you want, cool wacky finds....

Email: bandaches@yahoo.com