Ernie's Grade Guide

Special Thanks to Tom Moore for starting this document

Use the following links to view examples of each flaw described below.

Centering Flaws
Corner Flaws
Edge Flaws
Image Flaws
Surface Flaws
Examples of Each Grade(Mint, Nrmt....)

MINT = A flawless card in like-new condition, perfectly centered, clear image, no factory nor other flaws. Appears fresh out of the pack and holds a premium price value 200% of Nearmint.

NRMT(nearmint) = Typical acceptable flaws are a touched corner, light edgewear, centering and image qualifiers. Price Guides usually base prices on NRMT cards so they are 100% of full value.

EX+(Excellent Plus) = Typical acceptable flaws are minor edge wear, several touched corners, average dirt/blemishes on back, maybe one Very light crease, centering and image qualifiers. Price Guides usually base prices on EX+ cards so they are 80% of full value.

EX(Excellent) = Typical acceptable flaws are a couple of rounded corners, one blunted corner, rubberband edge, slight edge slip, light residue back, a light to moderate crease, more significant edgewear, light surface wear60% of full value.

VG(Very Good) = Typical flaws, multiple rounded corners, multiple blunted corners, image slip, album marks on back, stain on back, erasure on back, writing on back, ripples, surface wear, rounded corners but border and sticker are in tact 30% of full value.

POOR = Typical flaws to drop to this category are trimming, borderless, pinholes, tears, paperloss. 0-10% of full value.