Ernie's Wacky Pack Project

I have been purchasing 1960's and 1970's magazines in hopes of finding advertisements for products parodied as Wacky Packs. So far I have accumulated a ton of Life and Look magazines but I would assume that magazines such as Better Homes and Garden and other "Home" magazines will be goldmines. Please assist with this project and I will present all findings on my page. My goal is to printout all the images and reorganize my sticker collection so that every other page of my wacky binders will have the corresponding advertisements. This will allow one to see the wacky title on page and the original product image on the other!

Special Thanks to:
Pete Boulay - providing tons of images
Pat Chastain - providing tons of images
Scott Broberg - making double wackys and
spurring the idea for this project with me
Loren Bratzler - making double wackys
Darrin Marvin - making double wackys
Jerry Jex - Providing images and enthusiasm for me to push forward

  • I need help with finding scans for the images here, thanks much!