Centering is a qualifier flaw. This means it represents a factory flaw which can be found on pack fresh stickers. This should not drop the grade of the sticker but should be clearly called out when offering the grade of the sticker, ie "Nearmint but significantly offcenter" (see the 80-20 example below). This allows for more clarity than just dropping the grade of an otherwise nearmint sticker to EX+ as some collectors aren't concerned with factory flaws and would accept an offcenter nearmint sticker over a sticker that dropped to Ex+ due to corner wear. One could argue that a sticker can't be graded MINT with a factory flaw as MINT is flawless. I don't subscribe to that theory as I seek consistency and again saying a sticker is "MINT but significantly offcenter" is much more meaningful than dropping a MINT sticker to Nearmint due to the centering as nearmint implies there are post pack opening flaws.

Examples of centering:

Nicely Centered 60-40 slightly off center 80-20 significantly off center 100-0 badly offcenter Miscut: shows other sticker Diagnal cut