Wacky Pack Jaymar Puzzle

This is an 800 piece puzzle that is one of my personal favorite wacky pack items. Putting the puzzle together is tons of fun. You can test your knowledge of wacky pack titles by trying to guess which stickers a particular puzzle piece has on it. Remember, each puzzle piece has at best, a small corner of a wacky pack title making it quite challenging to guess. Even though the copyright on the box is MCMLXXIII(1973), it appears it came out in the early 80's as there are titles on the puzzle like Dinky Gonuts whose product being parodied didn't exist until the early 80's. Also, it appears that finding boxes that contain all 800 pieces can be somewhat challenging. I have come across 5 boxes and only 1 had a complete puzzle inside. The other 4 were only missing one piece hardly taking away from the fun. I don't know if this is due to pieces being lost over the years or if the puzzles were originally produced with a random piece missing. Anyone else having this problem?
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